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Bionic Spurs

Bionic Spurs

Bionic Spurs – Cybernetic spurs that enhance a wearer’s agility and speed, making them ideal for quick escapes and acrobatic maneuvers in a cyberpunk world. They come with customizable LED lighting options.

Bio-Enhancing Inhaler (BEI-3)

Bio-Enhancing Inhaler

The BEI-3 is a pocket-sized inhaler that delivers a burst of bio-enhancing gases and nanoparticles. Inhaling this mix can temporarily enhance physical abilities, such as strength, agility, and endurance, which is vital for survival in… Read More »Bio-Enhancing Inhaler

Holo-Deck Reflex Glasses:

Holo-Deck Reflex Glasses

These high-tech glasses feature holographic display technology that overlays virtual environments onto the real world. Wearers can immerse themselves in augmented reality simulations, turning a mundane alley into a neon-soaked, action-packed battleground, or a dark… Read More »Holo-Deck Reflex Glasses